Facilities Conditions Assessment (FCA) & Educational Adequacy Assessment (EAA)

In 2009, the Office of Operations completed a comprehensive facilities conditions assessment (FCA) and an educational adequacy assessment (EAA) to assist the district in determining:

a.      the current condition and future needs of our buildings and grounds

b.      how to best use our facilities to accomplish our mission: to provide a premier education for all.

The final assessment data and report are used to guide the district in its future facilities planning based on enrollment trends, educational requirements and facility capacity, provide detailed information about how our facilities are used to support teaching and learning to reach our district mission, and inform decisions about large-scale system changes

Key areas where this report data are used include:

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Long-range master facilities plan
    This plan will look several years out to determine what our future facilities needs are and how we need to organize to meet those needs

*  Deferred maintenance schedule
    The data from these reports inform what items will need repair and maintenance in the future. 

*  Revised capital bonding request process
    The Capital Expenditures Advisory Committee revised the process for capital bonding requests.  The new process for proposals uses the facilities conditions and educational adequacy assessments as a guideline.  This new process more efficiently and effectively determines how capital resources are allocated.

Individual building reports